Best Way to Get Car Insurance Loan in The UK

May 30th, 2019 by admin

Irrespective what the cost of your car insurance is, as long as you agree you can afford to pay back the loan, they will help you do that efficiently and at the same time save you huge cost on insurance.

In order to marginally reduce the cost of your car insurance, here’s what you should do:

Shop around for the best car insurance deal
Try paying a higher voluntary excess (the extra amount you’d pay in the event of a claim)
Limit who drives your car to just yourself, or you plus a named driver
Parking your car in a garage or driveway away from the street. Parking recklessly can hike the cost of your car insurance
Keeping your mileage low (doing less than the AA average of 12,000 miles a year for new cars)
Fitting a security device such as an alarm, tracker, or immobiliser
Borrowing the cost of the car insurance from your Credit Union and make one lump sum payment to the insurance company instead of paying by installments. This is where Central Liverpool Credit Union Ltd comes to play.

With good car insurance loan, you can easily pay off your insurance at once and now gradually service your loan. Doing this will save you so much cost. Records shows that many who took this route succeeded in saving over £500.

Is car insurance loan something you would like to try or have you seen someone it worked for?


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